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We have created a feature-rich experience that offers a safer way
to send emails and messages to your friends, family, and co-workers.

EMA File Encryption

EMA file support adds an additional layer of encryption to keep your files safe. ENA files are only compatible with PUNKPANDA, can be accessed online or offline, and offer the best in hash encryption.

Radar Tracking

See exactly where your emails and important files end up with our radar tracking feature. This feature shows you if an email has been forwarded and who has access to it.

Blockchain Integration

Are you looking for an even safer experience? Users can take advantage of our blockchain integration to guarantee that their messages arrive safe and secure.

File Transfer

Send and receive any file you want using the PUNKPANDA client. Our platform supports photos, videos, PDFs, and other popular file formats.

Secure Messaging

Connect with users through PUNKPANDA. All messages benefit from our military-grade encryption and can be sent using the blockchain.

Multi-Device Support

Accessing PUNKPANDA is incredibly easy and can be done from any of the popular web browsers via desktop, tablet, and most iOS and Android mobile devices.

Enhanced Email Controls

Advanced users can take advantage of our enhanced email controls to restrict email forwarding. Enforce terms and conditions, prevent downloads, and more.

Print & Download Blocker

Do not want someone printing or downloading your content? You can disable printing and downloading when you send the initial message.

One Click Message ZAP

Users can easily zap any email or message they send with the click of a button. An enhanced 10-second auto zap feature is also available.